Michelle's favourite place to eat is her mom's kitchen table. As a kid, she thought food couldn't get much better than a grilled cheese sandwich and a milkshake. After eating her way across South America, Europe and Africa her opinion slightly changed. Michelle gained appreciation for quality ingredients working on organic dairy and vegetable farms in Spain and Argentina. Her love affair with food grew after moving to New York and apprenticing in some top restaurants. 

Michelle currently lives in Toronto where she develops recipes for Chatelaine Magazine, The Food Network, Maple Leaf Foods, Loblaw's and Canada Bread.  She just completed the first season of Vice's newest show "It's Suppertime" as the culinary producer.  She has worked on the sets of Masterchef Canada, Tastemade and Chef in Your Ear. Her love for food and passion for visual arts has thrown her into the arms of food styling. 

When Michelle is not in the kitchen you can find her in the ceramic studio or on the road biking.